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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the curriculum designed for 40 individual students? Or for partnered groups?

A. Each lab is designed for one individual student. Instructors can always partner students on some labs if they choose to do so.

Q. Is the curriculum available in alternative languages?

A.  Currently, the HASPI Source Material is only available in English.

Q. When will individual labs be available?

A. The individual labs are currently available on the OrderHASPI web site. New customers are recommended to purchase both Consumable and Durable labs together.

Q. How can I purchase kits with a purchase order?

A. Customers can submit the order online with the purchase order number in the notes section, or call our sales line at 1.833.859.6958 and our sales person will assist you with the process.

Q. Are the answer keys available for the kits?

A. Currently, the HASPI Curriculum Writers only have answer keys for Anatomy & Physiology Curriculum. OrderHASPI has that available upon request for all teachers. No purchase necessary.

Q. Can the curriculum be placed on Canvas for online programs?

A.  Yes as long as it is used for educational purposes only.

Q. Are there full-size posters in the Anatomy Physiology kits?

A. No, the posters are on pages included inside the Anatomy Physiology binders.

Q. Where can I find the video "A shot to save the world"?

A. It can be found on your local Smithsonian Channel, your local lending library, and on You-tube.

Q. Can I purchase refills for the Chemistry Kits, or do I have to purchase the entire kit again?

A. The Labs can be purchased individually.

Q. Does Order Haspi take purchase orders from School Districts?

A. Yes, but if you are not already a customer in our database, then we will need an application from your school first, we also take payment by credit card.

New Customer Application

Q. Where does Order Haspi ship Kits/Labs to?

A. All over the United States and Canada.

Q. How do I update my curriculum binder?

A. Teachers are to go into the HASPI website, for example, Biology; this will show all the individual biology labs. Directly under the lab number, and the name of the lab is the Teacher's Guide. Teachers can go into each teacher's guide print them out and replace each teacher's guide in their curriculum binder.

Q. How long will animal blood for lab work keep fresh, if I am unable to get it from the Grocer or Butcher shop, and where else can it be purchased?

A. You can purchase blood for your labs at your local slaughterhouse, or from Carolina (listed in your teacher's guide). Blood from a slaughterhouse if kept refrigerated will have a shelf life of about 42 days. Blood purchased from Carolina has a shelf life of approximately four weeks.