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Anatomy & Physiology Lab 12: The Endocrine System - Durable

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The endocrine glands and hormones are crucial to homeostasis in the human body. Recognizing the action of hormones and how they are able to maintain homeostasis is necessary in order to better comprehend what occurs when these hormones levels become imbalanced. Activity 12a attempts to further familiarize students with the glands and hormones of the endocrine system, as well as introduce them to some common endocrine disorders. Lab 12b and 12c allow students to observe indirectly how hormones regulate the stress response and body temperature.

Activity 12a – Endocrine Glands, Hormones, and Imbalance Game

  • Students will play the review game “Endocrine Smarts” to become better acquainted with the glands, hormones, and hormone imbalances. The “Endocrine Smarts” game is a review game that gives 5-7 clues for each card starting at the most vague and becoming easier as the clues are read. In this way, many facts about the endocrine gland, hormone, or disease are covered. The game is fairly comprehensive and covers hormones produced by organs other than endocrine glands as well.

Lab 12b – The Stress Response

  • Students will expose a member of their lab group to different types of “stress” to observe and record how that stress affects the heart rate and blood pressure. The stressors that may be tested include orthostatic, pain, exercise, and noise.

Lab 12c – Hormones and Body Temperature Regulation

  • Students will test body temperature over a 3-5 day period to observe the slight fluctuation better known as a circadian rhythm. These rhythms are under hormonal control, primarily by melatonin, and a relationship between these biological rhythms and seasonal affective disorder will be reviewed.
Items included in this lab are listed below.
     Dice, Game Pieces, Clothespins, Game packet, student packet.

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