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Anatomy & Physiology Lab 01: Anatomical Language - Durable

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Using anatomical language and medical terminology is important for a solid understanding of anatomy and the medical field. This set of activities aims to familiarize students with these through four activities.

 Activity 01a – Using Anatomical Language

  • Students will use an interactive internet resource from Wisc-Online, a digital library of web-based learning resources. Students will have the opportunity to learn and review anatomical terminology including relative positions, body sections, divisions of the abdominal pelvic cavity, and regional body parts. The analysis requires students to apply what they have learned by choosing and defining terminology used in the medical field.

Activity 01b – Anatomical Language Activity

  • Students will review the regional body parts and anatomical positions through an interactive activity that involves placing labels on a “student model”. The analysis will require students to further label diagrams with the body regions and identify the organs in abdominal quadrants and regions. Students will also apply this knowledge to patient treatment directions.
 Activity 01c – Medical Terminology Basics
  • Students will familiarize themselves with the basics of using medical terminology including common medical prefixes, root words, and suffixes. Students will practice combining and breaking down medical terms using pre-made cards. Students can also choose to play a review game with the cards. The analysis will allow students to apply the medical terminology deciphering techniques they have learned by creating a medical story, translating a medical description, and translating an emergency room report.

Activity 01d – Body System Poster

  • Students will create a life-size poster of a chosen or assigned body system. Following the poster creation, students will have the opportunity to collect basic information (function, organs, organ function, and medical conditions) for each body system from posters created by classmates

Items included in this Durable lab are listed below.

  Prefix Cards (yellow)

Suffix Cards (blue)

Root Cards (green)

Medical Dictionaries.

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