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Anatomy & Physiology Lab 02: Autopsy, Surgery, & Suturing - Durable

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Activity 02a – Surgery & Suturing

  • Students will learn about common surgical procedures and suturing techniques. The students are part of a surgical team that conducts an appendectomy, removal of the kneecap, a cesarean section, and open heart surgery on a model patient.

Activity 02b – Autopsy

  • A video-based activity using “The Autopsy Files” by the renowned medical examiner Dr. Baden. Students learn about how forensic pathology and autopsy can be used in criminal investigations to identify a victim and solve crimes.

Lab 02c – Fetal Pig Autopsy

  • Students will act as part of a medical examiner’s team to conduct an autopsy on a fetal pig. The team will follow autopsy procedure, which will include removing and weighing each organ, followed by completing an autopsy report on the victim.

Items provided in Lab 2 durable are listed below.

Rulers, Scalpels, and Forceps.

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