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Anatomy & Physiology Lab 07: The Integumentary System - Durable

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Lab 07a – The Integumentary System

  • Station lab activity that has students investigate the organs, histology, diseases, and characteristics of the integumentary system. Students investigate the inflammatory response, observe the microscopic parts of their own integumentary system, and learn how the skin is able to maintain an internal temperature when the external temperature fluctuates.

Lab 07b – Sunscreen & Skin Cancer

  • Students learn about UV radiation and its impact on the occurrence of skin cancer. Different SPF sunscreens are tested on UV sensitive paper to compare their ability to screen or block UV radiation. Students follow up by performing a patient analysis for three patients and determining whether the patients’ moles may be indicative of melanoma.

Lab 07c – Investigating the Skin

  • Students learn about thermoregulation, glands, and dermal nerves. Four activities have students investigate special characteristics of their own skin. In the first activity, students use iodine and cornstarch-soaked sheets to locate sweat glands in the palm. The second activity has students observe the cooling sensation caused by evaporative cooling produced by sweat. The third activity has students map the location of mechanoreceptors, thermoreceptors, and nociceptors in a small area of the forearm. The fourth activity has students determine the two-point touch distance on several locations of their bodies.

Items included in Lab 7 Durable are listed below.

Rulers, Thermometers, Slides, Coverslips, Plastic Compass, Brush hairs, Steel Pins, Student Packet.


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