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Anatomy & Physiology Lab 14: The Respiratory System - Durable

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Activity 14a – The Respiratory System

  • Station lab activity that has students investigate the organs, histology, diseases, and characteristics of the respiratory system. Students have the opportunity to perform a spirometry test to measure tidal volume, expiratory reserve volume, inspiratory reserve volume, vital capacity, and total lung capacity. Students practice auscultating lung sounds and taking respiratory rates. Students also have the opportunity to perform a simulated analysis of a patient to determine what is causing respiratory distress.

Activity 14b – Respiratory Distress

  • Students learn how to recognize respiratory distress and the most common causes including asthma and COPD (chronic bronchitis and emphysema). The lab activity involves students using different diameter straws to simulate constriction of airways. The students will assess the respiratory rate and pulse of test subjects breathing through the straws at rest and during exercise.

Activity 14c – Air Quality

  • Students identify the amount of particulate matter pollution in outdoor or indoor locations of their choice. Assessment of environmental factors and using an air quality index to determine respiratory safety is used throughout the lab. The impact of air pollution on respiratory health is also reviewed.

Items included in this lab are listed below.

 Spirometers, Petri Dishes, Student Packet.

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