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Anatomy & Physiology Lab 17: Global Health - Durable

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These two activities give students the chance to examine the global health status and epidemics. One is an internet exploration of current global health and the second allows students to role-play as healthcare workers and patients to discover the infectious agent.

Activity 17a – Global Health Investigation

  • Students will have the opportunity to investigate the status of medicine, disease, and health access on a global scale. Interactive maps of life expectancy, annual income, and literacy compare the occurrence and mortality rates of several infectious diseases. Students also have the opportunity to research current investigators of global health issues. PBS videos can be purchased to supplement.

Activity 17b – Epidemiology

  • Students role-play as healthcare workers and/or patients. The healthcare worker performs a patient exam and records pertinent history and symptoms in order to discover the infectious agent the patient may have contracted.

Items included in this lab are listed below.

Thermometers, Student packet.

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