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Medical Biology Lab 01: Science and Medicine - Durable

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The Scientific Process in Diagnosis

  • Students will learn about the scientific process as it applies to medical diagnoses. The activity is set up as patient rooms (stations) with 5 patients that require a diagnosis. Students will use inquiry and the scientific method to analyze patient symptoms and perform tests to determine a diagnosis for each patient.

Scientific Measurements & Equipment

  • This is a station activity that will allow students to become more familiar with common measurements and equipment used in the medical biology labs for this course. Stations include ratios & percentages, measuring mass & volume, graphing, measuring length, making observations, measuring time, research and references, and measuring temperature. All stations have a medical application.

Items included in this lab are listed below.

Plastic Forceps, Rulers, IV drip bags ( enema bags), Oral thermometers, 

Student Packet.

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