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Medical Biology Lab 09: Carrying Capacity - Durable

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a. Modeling Carrying Capacity

  • Students will use mathematical and computational models to represent and/or support carrying capacity of ecosystems at different scales. The mathematical models will focus on population dynamics that impact or influence human health. The computational model demonstrates the characteristics of exponential growth versus logistical growth.

b. Carrying Capacity and Foodborne Illness

  • The lab focuses on population dynamics of normal human gut flora, and how the introduction of pathogenic bacteria can result in foodborne illness. Students act as medical lab technicians and perform a rapid ELISA to test for the presence of E. coli O157 in patient samples.

Items included in this lab are listed below.

Microtiter strip plates, plastic pipettes, Clear Centrifuge tubes, P1 Water, P2 water, P3 water, P4 water, P5 water, P6 water, P7 water, Wash solution, E. coli 0157 antigen solution, Color antibody.

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