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Medical Biology Lab 19: Blood Types and Transfusions - Durable

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Blood Types and Transfusions

  • Students are part of a surgical technology team at Hope Hospital. The number of patients that have died during surgery is typically extremely low, but the surgical team lost 50% of their surgery patients that required blood transfusions on the previous day. The hospital administration has asked for a review of surgical procedures to determine what may have gone wrong. The transfusions are the commonality between all of the patients, so blood samples from each of the patients, as well as blood samples from each of the transfusion bags used, have been collected. Students are given the task of testing each blood sample to determine if the bags were possibly mislabeled, resulting in the accidental death of three patients. In addition, a review of blood type genetics and human allele interactions will be included.

Items included in this lab are listed below.

Blood typing trays.

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