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Medical Chemistry Lab 03: Determining Bonding Types

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Lab A:

  • In this lab students are given three unknown substances and need to deduce which is ionic, which is covalent and which is polar covalent through testing the solubility, melting point and conductivity of the substances. The background explains the role that electrolytes play in the body.

Lab B:

  • In this lab students experience intermolecular forces through four mini‐labs. They study surface tension, volatility, polarity & surfactants and read about the connection to medicine. It is best to have students arrive at a station, do the pre‐lab reading and questions, then perform the lab and complete the post‐lab reading & questions before they move on to the next station. This is a great opportunity for students to find out more about intermolecular forces.

Items included in this lab are listed below.

Fructose, Paraffin wax, Aluminum foil, Baking soda, Electrolight drink powder.

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