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Vaccination & Immunity Lab 01: Vaccination & Immunity - Consumable

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Activity 01b- Measles and Immunity

  • This lab is a simulation of a disease outbreak. Several individuals with measles have been reported at the school. The HASPI Epidemic Prevention Coalition (HEPC) has quarantined the site. No one will be allowed to return home until it has been determined whether a risk of a widespread measles outbreak exists, and whether there are enough individuals on campus who have been vaccinated to prevent an epidemic. If at least 90-95% of the campus population demonstrates immunity, a significant outbreak should be prevented through “herd immunity.” After analyzing simulated samples from the students to test for both measles infection and immunity, the class will determine whether a sufficient degree of herd immunity exists to allow the students at the school to return home.

Activity 01c- Vaccination and Immunity Probability Simulation

  • The class has been exposed to Wookiefacia. Probability tools will be used to determine what happens to each person exposed. Students will calculate the probability of individuals being hospitalized or dying and compare the probabilities for vaccinated vs. unvaccinated individuals.

    Activity 01e- Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness

    • Are vaccinations safe and effective? What are the risks and benefits of vaccinating? In this activity, students will have the opportunity to conduct research on vaccines and the vaccination controversy. It is important to note that WHERE we get our research is just as important as WHAT we research. In Part I, students will do directed research to learn more about vaccines and misconceptions about vaccines, and in Part II they will have the opportunity to do some of their own research into the issue.

    Activity 01f- Vaccination Survey

    • Students have had the opportunity to research and gain more knowledge about vaccination safety and effectiveness, but there are many individuals who remain unsure on the issue. In this activity, students will conduct a survey to determine the knowledge and opinions of individuals around them in relation to vaccine safety and effectiveness. They will also have the opportunity to share and analyze information from their classmates to get a better idea of how individuals on their campus view vaccines.

    Activity 01g- Discussing the Issue

    • To vaccinate or not to vaccinate, that is the question! Students have had the opportunity to learn about, research, and perform a survey on vaccine safety, effectiveness, and controversies. Now it is time to discuss the issues with their peers. In this activity, students will discuss the questions and record/share their answers.

    Activity 01h- Vaccination Education Project

    • Now that students are more educated on the issues surrounding vaccinations, it is time to share what they have learned with their peers. With a partner, students will create an informational poster or brochure to communicate some of the survey results and information they have collected on vaccination safety and effectiveness.

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